Used Portable Refrigeration Storage Containers

Rent, Lease or Buy Used Refrigeration Containers/Freezer Units  From Kelly Freezer

Fully refurbished portable freezer containers and portable coolers are our mainstay. Typically, Kelly Freezer utilizes the very best used refrigeration equipment available on the market today, and completes a comprehensive inspection, replacement and refurbishment of all equipment.

At the completion of this process, a used portable Kelly Freezer or Cooler is a warranted piece of equipment that provides our full array of customers with a reliable, economical and professional alternative portable refrigeration to expensive on site installations and walk-ins, or refrigerated warehouse storage inconvenience.

Used Refrigeration Container Units

Generally, all of our portable freezer containers and coolers are stainless steel interior containers, offering ease of cleaning and upkeep. With extruded aluminum floors and wash out ports, the portable refrigerated storage containers are designed and utilized by food industries around the world. Our completely refurbished freezer/refrigeration containers are exceptional. Few service providers offer such high quality refrigeration equipment around the country, and we’re proud of both our equipment and our service.

Available for rent, lease to own, or purchase, Kelly Freezers and Storage Coolers are state of the art used equipment. You can rely on these used portable refrigerated storage containers to provide a dozen or more years of excellent performance and ease of use. Together with our customizable options which include set up in any fashion needed by our clients (dock side access, interior building applications, ground load outside, special doors, side access) Kelly Freezer offers complete, fully licensed service and equipment excellence.

Used Freezer Container Units

Visit our website pictorials for some glimpse of our used portable freezer container options. Stop by our state of the art facility for a comprehensive site visit of options. We are located in CT conveniently located near Bradley Airport. Either way, your selection of Kelly Freezer and Cooler will assure you of the very best there is to offer in this industry.