Refrigerated Container & Freezer Rentals

Short Term? Long Term?  Rent A Portable Kelly Freezer

Kelly Freezer clients oftentimes need cooling or freezing storage equipment for an uncertain period. Three months? Three years? No problem. Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is more than happy to enter into a short-term temporary portable refrigeration rental agreement for the use of our exceptional portable Kelly Refrigeration freezer and cooling containers. Kelly is also happy to provide long-term temporary portable refrigerated container agreements.

Our affordable and convenient portable refrigeration container rental arrangements make it possible for any client, large or small, to have access to clean, effective portable coolers and freezers containers for whatever length of time your product needs require.

Refrigerated Container & Freezer Rentals

Are you outsourcing your product storage? Are you incurring expensive transportation fees to get your product to offsite storage? Are your refrigerated storage needs in fluctuation all the time or some of the time? Are you expecting an influx of product because of a holiday? Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, or Passover? Some of our customers have a short-term refrigeration needs to fill cold product demand during special events or holidays. Do you have more pie orders, more bread orders, more kielbasa orders for the holidays? Maybe you are only open for ice cream during the summer months. A Kelly portable freezer or portable refrigerated storage container solves these short-term dilemmas. Save tens of thousands of dollars, and get a portable, mobile refrigeration or freezer alternative with far greater flexibility then a walk-in cooler, freezer or built- in structure can ever offer.

Are you considering expensive installation of a permanent walk-in freezer or cooler? Are you not sure what you needs will be, short term of long term? Kelly offers not only short-term refrigeration rental agreements but long term as well. Oftentimes a client is going through a growth period and not sure if the influx of product demand will continue. Our agreements are designed for month-to-month refrigeration rental. If you decide you need our rental refrigerated equipment longer than you expected no problem! Keep the rental freezer or cooler for as long as you need.

Refrigerated Container & Freezer Rentals

Generally, all our portable rental freezer containers and rental portable coolers are stainless steel interior containers, offering ease of cleaning and upkeep. With extruded aluminum floors and wash out ports, the portable rental refrigerated storage containers are designed and utilized by food industries around the world. Our completely refurbished freezer, cooler refrigeration containers are exceptional. Few service providers offer such high-quality refrigeration equipment around the country, and we’re proud of both our equipment and our service.

Kelly Freezer can provide portable rental refrigerated containers & portable freezer rental units anywhere in the USA. We have relationships with many vendors in our industry. From CT, MA, NH, RI, ME, NY or even CA, our equipment arrives clean and ready to plug in and chill. Why grapple with offsite refrigeration storage issues? Don't spent your precious capital dollars building a permanent cooler or freezer structure when its' use is uncertain. RENT a Kelly Cooler or Freezer and ensure that your operational plans are flexible and cost effective.

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