Portable Freezer & Refrigeration Uses

Portable Freezer & Refrigeration Uses  Why use a Kelly Portable Freezer/Refrigeration Unit?

Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is pleased to offer the very best economical alternatives in portable refrigerated containers and freezing on the market today.

Portable Freezer & Refrigeration Uses

Our clients range in size and composition from the small business to the large corporate producer. But the consistent endorsement Kelly Freezer hears regularly that separates us from other options is the convenience of portability in concert with the economic value.

FREEZE WITH EASE is not just a motto, but a way of doing business. Our clients, past and present, have stepped up to support our growth with their enthusiastic appreciation of our ability to solve a refrigerated storage problem, and to do so in the most cost effective manner available. Portable freezer containers are not for every user, but they represent versatile, value driven, and proven commodities for a very wide range of users.

Everything we do at Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is personalized. We take enormous pride in giving our clients the very best we can offer: custom analysis, custom sizing and personalized reviews. do you need us to complete a site visit to meet your staff and review your facilities and your needs? DONE! Just call our office, and our staff, including the owner himself, will be happy to discuss any needs you have.

If you need a personalized solution, doesn’t it make great sense to have the owner of Kelly participate , along with our capable staff, in crafting something for YOU? This is what separates Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer from everyone else: a personal touch, a genuine commitment to YOU. And, you ‘ll never get a message machine at Kelly. when you call us you get a live friendly voice. Even after hours, our service will answer and get you a response. Business owners, and operators are always in urgent need: they don’t want to wait for days for someone to get back to them. We know that, and promise to exceed your expectations.

Below are the specs for Portable Refrigerated Containers (Contact us for a custom size) :

Container Type
Exterior * Interior
Exterior * Interior
Cubic Capacity
20' Carrier
20’ * 17’ 10”
8’1/2” *7’ 3 ¼”
960 Cubic Feet
40' Carrier / Bohn
40’ * 36’ 9 ¼”
8’ ½” * 7’ 2 ¼”
1942 Cubic Feet
40' High Cube Bohn
40’ * 37’ 11 13/16”
9’1/2” * 8’ 2 1/16””
2325 Cubic Feet

* Sizes may vary by customer requirements and manufacturer.
* Other size option also available.