New Portable Refrigeration/Freezer Storage

New Bohn Freezers & Coolers  From Kelly Freezer

An equally common refrigeration alternative is the customized installation of brand new BOHN cooler or freezer equipment on existing refurbished shipping containers or trailers. This offers the advantages of all new equipment with long term life and economic benefit of retrofitting to refurbished portable refrigerated storage containers offering the best of both worlds.

New Refrigeration Container

These new cooler/freezer units have a temperature range from high end Blast Freezer (-30F) to coolers (50+). Sizes can range 20’ models to 40’ models. Kelly Freezer has selected BOHN/Heatcraft, equipped with Copland compressors for their state of the art refrigeration because of their high quality and reliability.

New Bohn Freezer/Coolers arrive with minimum three year warranty with extended warranty options. When paired with our refurbished refrigerated storage containers, customers have the finest economic portable freezers available in the marketplace today. Clients who are considering expensive walk-in style units or modular refrigerated storage containers will find that Kelly Freezers offer a far greater alternative for their needs: portability, economic value, permanent structure, higher quality insulation, and durability that vastly exceed what’s available in permanent structured refrigeration.

New Freezer Container

Are you outsourcing your product storage? Are you incurring expensive transportation fees to get your product to offsite storage? Are your refrigerated storage needs in fluxuation all the time? A Kelly portable freezer or portable refrigerated storage container solves those dilemmas with customized NEW freezer. Save tens of thousands of dollars, and get a portable, mobile alternative with far greater flexibility then a walk-in or structure can ever offer.

Over the years, Kelly Freezer has adapted to our growing customer base, and their individualized portable refrigerated storage container needs with the installation of a fuller array of portable refrigeration options. New cooler units can be customized with roll up doors, walk in doors, side access doors, chassis design as well as indoor or outdoor applications. These are outstanding high performance portable freezers.

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