About Kelly Refrigeration & Freezer

United States' Leading Refrigerated Container & Freezer Container Company

Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is proud to provide an alternative to permanent, and costly, refrigerated container and freezer installation and equipment: A portable, economical Kelly Refrigerated portable storage container.

A privately owned CT company, we have been in business for over 40 years, Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer centrally located in Suffield, Connecticut has specialized in portable, reliable and professional refrigeration containers and freezer containers.

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Our custom workmanship has responded to an enormous need for portable refrigeration US Refrigeration Container Companyand portable freezer applications throughout the United States. Our refrigerated container and freezer units provide an alternative to installation and construction of permanent refrigeration equipment. These highly durable portable refrigeration containers are customized to each customers refrigeration needs. The sales staff at Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is highly knowledgeable in all types of product freezing and cooling. Each unit is custom built, test run and prê-triped prior to delivery.

Our refrigerated container facility in Suffield, Connecticut allows us to personally service all areas of New England including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey. Our capacity to provide equipment however, is universal. Kelly Refrigeration has provided portable refrigeration storage containers throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and intercontinental clients. Utilizing national inventory access, Kelly Freezer will address, and provide for clients wherever their needs present themselves.

Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is also proud to provide temporary refrigerated containers with our rental program. Our expanded line of Carrier and Bohn units can provide temporary, portable refrigeration needs to various industries who need additional refrigeration but for only a short period of time. Long term rental refrigerated container programs are also available from Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer.

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Potential clients should be made aware, that our list of existing customers is often times made available for client referrals, and user reviews. This accommodates an opportunity for prospective users of Kelly Freezers and Coolers to assess current client satisfaction,and answer any of a host of questions that typical users might have. For example: how large a unit do I need? Can I subdivide the units? What types of door and custom access might I utilize? How quickly did product cool, or freezer? Can I place a unit inside, at a dock or on the ground? How economical are the units in terms of electric usage? What is a typical cost to operate per month?

In addition, Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer's qualified of professionals can address any and all of the above questions. Each of our refrigerated storage proposals are custom designed to our particular client needs. Whether in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, anywhere in New England or United States, we are proud of our ability to individualize our portable freezer designs to each and every client. No cookie cutter approach here! Please contact a member of our staff for a detailed and personal analysis of your portable refrigeration needs, as well as the personal recommendations we can make to accommodate your freezer product requirements.