Portable Freezer/Refrigeration FAQ's

Commonly Asked Questions About Freezer/Refrigeration Containers

Where does Kelly Freezer provide refrigerated containers?
Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer provides refrigerated portable containers anywhere in the USA. We have provided portable refrigerated storage containers anywhere from CT, MA, NH, NY, ME, DE to CA, PA and across the USA. And, on an as needed basis, has provided refrigerated storage containers overseas based on availability and shipping capacity.Portable Refrigeration FAQ

Are all the freezer units electric only?
Kelly provides electric refrigeration containers both new and used. However, diesel generators are available on all of our refrigerated equipment if access to electric service is limited or non-existent.

What are the freezer boxes made of?
Kelly typically utilizes used, fully refurbished refrigerated shipping containers. They are highly durable, portable and thickly insulated. While they are generally heavier duty as compared with refrigerated trailers, trailers, as well are available in a full array of sizes including 48 foot and 53 foot.

How do I know what size refrigeration unit to purchase?
Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is more then happy to do a "pull down" analysis on behalf of our clients which sizes the portable refrigerated container based on our clients product load, volume and desired temperatures. We take all the questions out for you, and provide a clear direction based on our expertise. Portable Freezers FAQ

Are portable freezer units expensive?
Kelly Freezer is proud of our economic value. Most of our customers identify this as one of the key features of their utilization of a Kelly Freezer: their terrific cost benefit. Contact our sales staff and see if you aren’t impressed by how economically we can solve your portable refrigeration needs!

How long does it take to get a refrigerated container?
Used refrigerated containers are generally available readily (typically within a week to 10 days; oftentimes quicker). New, custom order refrigerated containers generally takes 5-7 weeks from order to delivery. Some new equipment is available in stock. Contact a member of our staff for a personal refrigerated assessment and timeframe.

Can I rent a refrigeration container?
If I decide to buy it later, will you sell it? Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer sells and RENTS all of our refrigerated equipment. We can lease-to-own. We are flexible and creative in our financing options. We love to assist businesses in making it possible to get into a Kelly Freezer. Call us: you'll be impressed.


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