Blast Freezers

Kelly Freezer’s most powerful stand alone portables

Kelly Freezer is proud to present our most powerful low temperature portable freezer, for your consideration. Kelly BLAST freezers are custom designed to your specific product needs, and work hard every day to freeze your product loads, quickly, thoroughly and competently. Product compositions are as varied as our clients: meats, poultry,Blast Freezers fish, baked goods, bait, scientific products requiring unique temperature control, and are just a few of our successful blast freezer products.

Low temperatures can be achieved with coil and compressor specifications that have been matched with your product loads: Our experienced freezer / refrigerated container staff, working with Heatcraft engineers, analyze your product for such variables as entry temperature, designed finish temperature, and desired time to reach target, ambient, frequency of entry and volume. Once completed, Kelly Freezer together with our provider of freezer container equipment shares with you a solid projection with estimated “pull down” time for your precious product. Trust that, once completed and operational, a KELLY BLAST FREEZER will provide decades of reliable, portable service. BEST OF ALL?: at a fraction of the cost of a modular walk in style, or expensive permanent construction based unit. AND, you will have the flexibility of mobility. If your facility needs change, or your location needs to move or expand?: Simply disconnect our freezer container unit (after properly preparing for stoppage, of course) and the unit can be moved and set up and Powerful Portable Freezeroperational in hours. No risk to our equipment or structural box.

The Bentley of Freezers, Kelly Blast Freezers are simply the best and most economical option available in the market today. Call a member of our freezer staff and get a customized proposal: we promise, you’ll be impressed, as you FREEZE WITH EASE in our highest quality Blast Freezer. We look forward to solving your freezing challenges.

Whether you have a seasonal need or you are testing a new product, the Kelly Blast Freezer gives you the ability to hedge your bet. We offer a plan that our competitors do not! Rent one of our powerful 22HP Blast Freezers and if it meets your needs, you may purchase that unit and receive a rebate for a portion of that Blast Freezer rental charges. We specialize in working with small and large companies that need to fill a freezing need. We care enough to customize each individuals financing options so your get your freezer now and get to use enjoying the Ease of Freeze!

Our Blast Freezers can be delivered to a site and require little to no on site work. Just make the required electrical connection and start to Freeze with Ease!!


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